Edinburgh Fringe Photography Exhibition.

Edinburgh Fringe Photography Exhibition 2019 poster image

Tete-a-Tete: Paris – Edinburgh.

Preparations are underway for our Edinburgh Festival Fringe Photography Exhibition. The exhibition will feature street photographs, architectural images and interiors of Edinburgh’s Old Town and Paris’ 17th Arrondissement.

Selected dates; 2nd – 29th August 2019.  See Ed Fringe for full details.


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Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition

Edinburgh Fringe Photography Exhibition 2017

Our 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Photography Exhibition opens tomorrow, 4th August until the 28th. Over the last year we’ve continued our exploration of the area surrounding our Blackfriars Street studio – the Cowgate and Canongate in particular. The exhibition features people, street images and architectural details.  We’re open from 10.00am until 6.00pm (Closed Monday and Tuesday and August 25th PM).

2017 Exhibition Preview Images:

street photography in edinburgh: edinburgh fringe 2017 photography exhibition preview 01.

edinburgh fringe 2017 photography exhibition poster

edinburgh fringe 2017 photography exhibition poster

street photography in edinburgh: edinburgh fringe 2017 photography exhibition preview 02

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Photography Tour Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who’s interested in photography, then a Foto Tour Voucher is the perfect gift. Spend a few hours in Edinburgh’s Old Town with a full time professional photographer, discussing techniques and putting them into practice while taking photographs of the city’s streets and architecture.

Visit the  Foto Tours Edinburgh website for more information.

Photography Tour in Edinburgh. Image of the National Monument, Calton Hill with jumping figures.

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Foto Tour Favourites

dark figure in old fishmarket close

reflected hats, foto tours edinburgh

edinburgh castle and sett paving

victoria street from victoria terrace

woman running in the rain, outside scottish parliament

dark steps edinburgh

Gravestone, Edinburgh

Images of the week from Foto Tours Edinburgh.

These are typical the photographs featured in our Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition, all taken in the

last week, within a few minutes walk of the studio in Blackfriars Street.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

We’re Venue 348…man's shadow on Scottish Parlaiment building, Edinburgh Fringe Photography Exhibition Poster 2015

Our 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition will run from the 7th to 31st August, open 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

(Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, except 31st August)

   “We’ve continued to explore the Old Town and the 2015 exhibition will feature people, street images and architectural details – all taken near our Blackfriars Street studio – the Cowgate and Canongate in particular.”

Admission is free – further info at:


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Edinburgh Fringe Venue 348


Exhibition planning is well underway – we’re venue 348!

 It’s quite a narrow view of the cities really – Old Town Edinburgh and a relatively small area in Paris  – just the 17th and 18th arrondisment – so they’re a very personal collection of photographs in that sense. A lot of the images are details, little things that caught our eye but they definitely have something about them that connects them to their city of origin.





Fringe Exhibition General

Téte-a-Téte: Paris-Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition.


The workspace in Blackfriars Street will exhibit a collection of images shot in Paris and Edinburgh.

Preview and exhibition opening hours to follow.

 Or Visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/tete-a-tete-paris-edinburgh


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